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Putting My Experience
to Work

David Moore was born in Winston-Salem Nc after a year old his mother and himself moved to Bermuda island to live there for 11 years, on the 12 years his mother and himself return to Winston-Salem to begin their new lives. Time passed and life continued, David soon met his wife in 1979. Now the couple has been married for 38 years and counting. Within this time David and his wife had three amazing children and a previous child before they met. Their children are Candice Lloyd, Dexter Moore, Jasmine Moore, and Dominic Moore. All children contribute to extending their family to have sixteen grandchildren. As an ex-convict, David has spent the last eighteen years making the necessary change he wants to see in his community. Fighting for convicts and the opportunity to be seen as a changed individual and not labeled as a criminal.


David and his team have accomplished so much, that in 2004 he was able to open up his own auto body shop here in Winston-Salem NC.David soon filled his business as a Non-profit in 2005 to help with the M.O.O.R.E project. David was presented with the opportunity to collaborate with the Winston-Salem court system to offer his auto body shop as a community service work spot in 2006. Two years later David was collaborating with the Winston-Salem police department (WSPD) in their Gang Prevention initiative. Forsyth Tech soon to see David and his Non-profit on their radar and offered him to teach on their campus as an Auto body instructor. He also taught at Lexington prison via being hired by Davidson Community college. 



Winston-Salem man uses auto body shop to mentor at-risk youth.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A man in Winston-Salem is using his trade skills to give back to the community by helping people turn mistakes into opportunities.

For the last 15 years, David Moore has been mentoring the incarcerated and at-risk youth in his auto body shop. 

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East Winston man continues giving back with a new program

David Moore is well known in Winston-Salem for his Southside Rides, which puts newly released offenders, like he once was, to work in its car body shop. Now, he’s expanding his scope, trying to reach at-risk youth before they make the costly mistakes he and so many others made. In this holiday season, here is the story of a man who gives back year ’round. We could use a lot more visionaries like him.

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